I am an ASN on Maine. Trying to learn so much of this material is mind boggling while also running businesses. Would love more info on proper path of Land Grants and uninc businesses. I have also heard that being armored up through this process is great, but an added shield regarding taxes is filing a 1040NR form. Could be worth exploring further.

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Ron Gibson is the expert at Land Patents. You can find his book here:


Ron Gibsons book on Land Patents here https://app.statenational.us/products

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Anne, a state's Secretary of State DOES NOT process or issue passports!!!! The ONLY office authorized to process and issue passports and/or passport cards is the federal Secretary of State (SoS).

Additionally, if one does not have their legally and lawfully executed 1-page Affidavit of Citizenship Evidence filed with the federal SoS via Certified Mail where your said Affidavit is required to be immediately and permanently filed in your administrative file held by the federal SoS, then you have not fully corrected your status as far as the system is concerned. This is true no matter what you have already been taught. If you have doubts of what I have laid out herein, please consider investing +/-15 minutes to hear the testimony of a woman who has properly executed the above and stopped a State of Colorado CPS kidnapping in it's tracks. Here's the link to the lady's recent testimony: https://castbox.fm/episode/Radio-Ranch-12.04.22-id1463869-id553885649?country=us

May I also suggest that you forward this information to David Jose as he seems to be heavily involved in working to stop CPS crimes against young people.

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